Types of breakfasts in hotels

Types of breakfasts
Many are willing to go on a trip just to enjoy the magnificent breakfasts offered in some hotels. However, care must be taken when selecting the hotel establishment, as not all offer the same type of food.

So if you don’t want to take the bitter surprise of finding yourself with an unexpected breakfast in the morning, don’t miss out on anything we tell you below. And we are going to explain the different types of breakfast that you can find in hotels.

English breakfast

As most hotels offer the option of having breakfast, it is important to be clear about the main breakfasts that one can find. One of the most common is English or full breakfast. Originally from the United Kingdom and countries with British influences, it offers the same foods in almost every corner: bacon, eggs and sausages served with different sides, cereals, toast, butter and different varieties of jam. Of course, it must be borne in mind that depending on the region, the ingredients may vary

Types of breakfasts1

Continental breakfast

Another common breakfast in hotels is the continental one, originally from the countries of continental Europe. This is characterized by being lighter and is composed of pastries accompanied by butter, jam and chocolate cream. It is served with juice, coffee, chocolate or tea. It is also common to serve bread and slices of cold cuts, boiled eggs, cereals, yogurt and fruit.

Other less common breakfasts

In addition to these classics, in hotels you can also find Bavarian breakfasts, in which an assortment of Bavarian bread is served accompanied by cheeses, cold cuts, butter, coffees and juices; Turkish breakfasts, famous for its forcefulness, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Costa Rican, Dominican breakfast …