Visit Évora in Portugal

In Portugal there are a great variety of cities with a lot of charm and a lot to offer to all types of tourists, whether you are one of those who want to spend several days on the beach or those who are looking for historical and cultural tourism. In the neighboring country there is everything and that is why it becomes the ideal destination to make any getaway outside our borders.

Among the many cities that exist is Évora , which is not one of the best known but that everyone who discovers it falls in love. It is one hour from Lisbon by car and has a high historical and cultural content, as if it were an open-air museum, and it has buildings of so many styles that simply walking down the street becomes an adventure. In fact, the city is a World Heritage Site .

Évora was almost completely devastated by an earthquake in 1755 and one of the few buildings that survived it was the Temple of Diana , which has become one of the great treasures of the city since it was built in the second century. Another building that managed to remain standing was the Aqueduct of Agua de Prata , which measures 8 kilometers and crosses the city from end to end.

In the historic center of the city you can visit the Cathedral of Évora , one of the most spectacular that you can find in the whole country and which is of Gothic architecture. Right there you have the Museum of Sacred Art, which has historical religious pieces of incalculable value, as well as several relics. The Royal Church of San Francisco is very close and is very famous for the Chapel of Bones , which is a room in which there are skulls and smells of various Franciscan monks who lived in that convent.

Strolling around Évora is something fantastic since at every step you find something of interest and that has a lot of charm. Without a doubt, a perfect destination to spend a weekend at any time of the year, especially if you like medieval cities . I assure you that you will love it.