What is an error rate and how to find it

Does the concept of error rate sound familiar to you? It is the expression that is often used to talk about airline tickets with the wrong price. These come to light because of a mistake made by the agency or airline that puts them on sale, either human or the system that is responsible for setting the rates, and as you can imagine, any of us can take advantage of it before said price is rectified.

How do I take advantage of an error fee?

Since wrongly set prices usually last no more than an hour , the most important thing of all is to be quick. They are tickets that allow us to fly at a really low price and above all we have the opportunity to cancel them and receive the amount paid, so by trying we do not lose anything. Of course, the flight dates are not usually idyllic.

Logically, what you should not do is call the airline to ask if the price is correct or there is an error, because in that case they will solve it as soon as possible and you will run out of ticket. They will be in charge of correcting it themselves as soon as they see that the number of tickets purchased is skyrocketing in an unusual way.

It doesn’t always work out

On the other hand, it is advisable to pay by credit card , since by doing so we have a better chance that the tickets will be returned. In addition, it is not advisable to carry out other reservations planned for our trip such as accommodation, since the most prudent thing is to wait for the tickets to arrive by email or wait for the departure date to approach.

What I have just mentioned has to do with the fact that airlines can cancel tickets after realizing the error, especially when it comes to economy class tickets. When that happens, they sometimes propose rates at a tight price to compensate for it, although they really are not that attractive rates and it is best to give them up.

You can find error rates that last nothing and less on social networks and on websites such as huntertravels.es or travelerspiratas.es, so it is important to be aware of them to catch them on the fly.