What to see in the beautiful city of Canterbury

Canterbury is one of the most beautiful and interesting English cities, with many attractions both in monuments and landscapes or the inheritance of great names in history who rest there, such as Thomas Becket. A city in which you will have many things to see, many places to go shopping and many restaurants and bars in which to taste the local cuisine, without a doubt 3 things that we all want when we choose a city to go to know it, either in a long trip or getaway.

A city with a lot of charm that has a lot of history and that is closely linked to English Christianity since in the year 597 Pope Saint Augustine made a conversion there. In fact, some of the most interesting places in the city are religious, such as the Abbey of San Agustín, the Cathedral or the Church of San Martín . To learn all about the history of Canterbury, it is best to visit the Roman Museum, with whose exhibits you will become an expert on the city.

Art and culture

If you like art, the two best places to enjoy it are the Lilford Gallery and the Sidney-Cooper Gallery. In both you can find not only permanent exhibitions but also temporary ones, as well as talks and various workshops. If you like theater, at the Marlowe Theater there are always performances, the best ones that come to town and which can be plays, operas, ballet, music bands, concerts …


The historical part

If you like to discover the most historical and emblematic places of the cities you visit, in Canterbury you cannot leave without visiting the Sanctuary of Saint Thomas Becket (from there there are also impressive views), the Abbey or Herne Bay, which is the area in the one that there are several beaches and many places of leisure. This area is especially interesting in summer since many activities are organized on the beaches.

Eating in Canterbury

As in any other city you visit, here you also try very interesting culinary specialties. Canterbury gastronomy is very creative and draws inspiration from many other cuisines to create its dishes. One of the best restaurants in the city is "The Goods Shed" , which is the one with the most typical products and dishes, always with the best for each season.