What to see in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful and charming Italian destinations, thanks mainly to its canals, which give it a very unique beauty. Venice is made up of 120 small islands that are linked by 455 bridges, and you reach the city by mainland thanks to the Liberty Bridge. Without a doubt, a magical place to spend a few dream days that you will never forget.

In spring and autumn is when the so-called acqua alta (high tide) arrives, which is twice a day and completely floods the Plaza de San Marcos , and the Government has several projects to build some levees in the event that sea ​​level rises too high to flood buildings. Despite being basically a city of water, it is best to explore it on foot, since although doing it by gondola is the most beautiful thing, it is also the most expensive option. Take note of the sights of Venice :

St Mark’s Basilica

It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world thanks to its mixture of styles , including oriental touches that leave you in awe when you are in front of it.

Goldoni’s house

It is a 15th century house that has a Gothic façade that overlooks the Grand Canal and is a museum and theater study center.

Ca ‘D’Oro

It is a Gothic-Venetian palace, one of the most beautiful on the Grand Canal and has a great oriental influence, like many of the buildings in the city.

Clock Tower

It is in the northern part of the Plaza de San Marcos and has an arch through which you access the Mercerías , which is the most important shopping street in the city.

St. Mark’s Square

It is the great historical symbol of the city, with a unique charm that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is from the 9th century and it has always been the center of Venice , having in its surroundings the most important buildings of the city. Many of the most important festivals that take place in Venice throughout the year are held there and among its buildings are the Basilica or the Doge’s Palace.

The Oriella Riva degli Schiavoni

It is on the southern pier of Castello and is more than 600 years old, being the most famous promenade in the city.

Rialto Markets

A fantastic place to discover the most interesting local products since here there are many stalls that, from early in the morning, are filled with fruits, fish and vegetables from the nearby islands.

Venice museums

The most important is called La Academia , where you can find the most important works of Venetian painting. There is also the Museum of the Venetian Settecento, which is in the Palazzo Ca ‘Rezzonico.