Alexandra Palace in London

In London there are a wide variety of buildings, monuments and corners with great interest and a lot of history to tell. Many of them are famous all over the world, while others are less known but no less spectacular. One of these places is the Alexandra Palace , also known as the "People’s Palace" and which is in the north of the city.

Inside the enclosure there is a spectacular park of more than 30,000 square meters , in addition to an imposing Victorian palace that is located on a hill . It is a recreational and cultural space open to all the public and in which exhibitions, workshops, concerts and activities of various kinds are usually held. A different place that is worth visiting.

His story

This palace opened its doors in 1973 and from the beginning it was thought of as a palace that belonged to the English people, in order to bring the nobility closer to a more humble social class. Two weeks after its opening, a fire destroyed half the palace, leaving only the outer walls standing. It took two years to rebuild it and reopen its doors to the public. In all these years, many have wanted to buy it to make hotels or various leisure centers, but there were always protests from the public, so no sale operation was carried out.


Information of interest

Today, Alexandra Palace hosts all kinds of cultural events , and there are also many people who come to it simply to spend the day in its gardens, especially for a picnic. This fantastic place can be reached by train from Moorgate (Monday to Friday) or from Kings Cross (any day, changing at Finsbury Park). You can also go by tube, taking the Piccadilly Line to Wood Green, where you can take the W3 bus that goes up to the palace hill.