What to visit in Dresden, Germany

Dresden is the second largest city in eastern Germany, only behind Berlin. A city of great importance and where you will find very interesting places to visit. Its location is unbeatable since it is at the beginning of the Elbe Valley , a spectacular natural place that is a World Heritage Site and in which there is a great variety of gardens, mountains and palaces that start from the river bank.

It is a city in which the Baroque style predominates and in which tourism has grown considerably in recent years. Dresden has its beginnings in the 18th century, when Augustus II decided that this place began to become a city and to have the appearance that today it continues to preserve in most of its areas, while others have been modernized.

Places of interest

The old town is one of the most attractive areas of the city, especially the Altmarkt area, which is where a market used to be installed years ago. There is also the most important square in the city, which is also home to the Church of the Holy Cross, which is in the Baroque style, or the Kultrupalast, a classical-style palace. The Frauenkirche (the oldest temple) is also very interesting.

In Dresden there are many palaces, which are also the most important in the country. One of the best is the Zwinger , which houses several very interesting museums. Other interesting places are the Semper Opera, the Augustus Bridge , the Catholic Cathedral, the Residence Castle, the Parade of the Princes, the Brühl terrace, the Kunsthofpassage district or the dairy of the Pfund Brothers.

If you like shopping , on the main avenue you will find a wide variety of stores and shopping centers, where you will see all kinds of products with prices for all budgets.