What to eat in Germany

One of the most visited European countries is Germany , which has a large number of cities and towns of great interest and which offer you various tourist options. That, together with the exceptional natural landscapes, makes traveling to this country a real wonder. On several occasions in VuelaViajes we have recommended several German destinations, as well as monuments or museums that are worth visiting.

Today I would like to focus on a very important aspect of traveling anywhere: food. When you travel abroad you always want to try the best of the local gastronomy, an experience that is also very enriching and with which you can discover authentic delicacies. Take note of the most important things you should know to eat in Germany :

– Germans are very respectful of their food and its schedule. The breakfasts are very abundant, as in the United Kingdom, and coffee or tea is usually taken with toast, eggs, cold meats or cheese. A very copious breakfast to face the day with a lot of energy.

– As for lunch, an essential dish in any menu is soup, especially the typical German ones, which are sweet soups with white wine, cherries and myrtles. The big star of this meal of the day is a dish that has meat, a garnish of vegetables, potatoes and cabbage. For dessert, the most consumed is fruit, but cooked instead of natural. The typical dessert is vanilla pudding.

– Dinner is where the most typical German meals are eaten, especially abendrot, which is a cold dinner with various types of bread, butter, eggs, sausages, cheese and natural tomato.

– You can not stop trying the classic German sausages , which is the most consumed food in the country in any of its cities. The most famous are the landleberwurst (liver sausage stuffed with pieces of bacon) and the feine leberwurst (it can be made from beef, pork or duck liver).

– In regions like Westfalia you find the best gastronomic delights in the country. The typical dishes of this area are the grosse Bohnen mit Speck (broad beans with bacon) and the ptetferpotthast (a very spicy dish with pieces of boiled beef and all kinds of spices). One of the most important specialties in this area and which extends throughout the country is knödeln , a large cake with grated potato, breadcrumbs and pieces of bacon served with a veal shank.

– In Berlin there are also many dishes of their own, such as the Eisbein mit sauerkraut , which are pork hocks garnished with cabbages, or the löffelerbsen mit Speck, a thick puree of dried peas with croutons and bacon. As you can see, bacon is used in many dishes.