Almagro: a municipality of Castilian architecture

The town of Almagro is one of the most popular in Ciudad Real and also in Spain. In fact, it is one of the most famous, its popularity transcending even the Spanish borders because it houses the Corral de Comedias , which has been declared a National Monument . It is just one of the main attractions of this municipality, which is characterized by its Castilian architecture.

What to see

When visiting Almagro, obviously, you should go to the Corral de Comedias. At present, it is the only one that is preserved in Spain as it was in the seventeenth century. Located in the Plaza Mayor of the town, it maintains all its original structure in the 300 square meters that it has.

In this corral, which was mainly used as an inn for many years, you can see the 54 straight feet of redwood-colored wood, which are supported by stone bases to protect them from humidity.

In addition, it has 12 floors with rooms and hooks for the curtain, which had to be protected from the sun and candles or oil lamps. The visit to the corral is completed with a patio in which there is a well , right at the entrance, with which the spectators are supplied with refreshments.

And since you are in the corral, you have to visit the Plaza Mayor , which is another of the main attractions of Almagro. This square was used for weapons and later became a trade fair. It is striking to observe its irregular rectangular plan and two floors , which is inspired by the flamenco dances .

Other points of interest

Almagro is home to many more monuments and points of interest such as stately homes such as the Casa del Mayorazgo de los Molina and the Casa de los Rosales, as well as the Casa de los Xedler, the Casa del Prior and the Casa del Capell谩n de las Bernardas.

There are also many palaces such as the one of the Marquis of Torremej铆a, the Palace of the Counts of Valdepara铆so, the Palace of the Medrano, the Palace of the Oviedo and the Palace of the F煤cares.