Ben Saunders’ Polar Journey

Ben Saunders has dared a journey that is not available to everyone. The well-known explorer has decided to start the most ambitious polar journey in history, taking into account that he will not have assistance. Of course, Intel will accompany you both in the presentation of your adventure and in the technological support as a partner .

He wants to complete the Scott Expedition, a grueling 1,800-mile (2,897-kilometer) route. It is a return trip from Scott’s refuge (on the edge of the Antarctic) to the South Pole. It is what is known as the Terra Nova route, where Robert Falcon , a captain in the British Navy who tried to complete it without success in 1912, died. In fact, no one has been able to complete such a route since then, which says a lot about the daring of Saunders.

Equipped for a unique trip

Ben will be using a Sony VAIO® Pro Ultrabook ™ system equipped with the 4th generation Intel® Core ™ processor . This is how you can send videos, photos, data and content to a blog that any of you can follow. It will charge the Ultrabook with solar panels attached to a sled that has been designed for the occasion. Best of all, you can share your ride with minimal delay to communicate your story in an engaging way.

The Ultrabook system has revolutionized the world of mobility . It can operate at -45˚C thanks to tests carried out in cold rooms installed in Intel laboratories in the UK. And it is not a special device for Saunders, since we can find it in any store. The only thing that they have modified are the current cables for other versions for low temperature that include a silicone layer.

48 days have passed and they have traveled almost 1,000 kilometers . Things are going to ask of mouth and if they continue like this they will achieve what seemed impossible.

Facebook application

I have to tell you that you too can participate in this adventure, although yes, without being cold. You just have to download the application that Intel has developed on Facebook and invite three friends with whom to travel virtually from Spain to the South Pole.

It is a boat trip with four stops (plus the port of departure). At each stop, the crew members must pass a test individually. Only when everyone passes it can you travel to the next stop. In total there are four levels and those who pass all levels will have the privilege of entering a raffle. There will be a main prize and a number of secondary prizes yet to be determined. An Intel jury will choose the winners based on the quality of the content shared by all those who come to the South Pole.