Benefits of renting a car in Miami and requirements

It is not at all crazy or eccentric that you are thinking of renting a car in this city, since doing so brings with it many benefits that you probably have not even contemplated; and it is that Miami is known for attracting tourists through its amazing beaches and cultural variety , not to mention the wonderful and extensive roads in which you can get lost for hours behind the wheel.

Without knowing it and perhaps being skeptical, you are not clear about the benefits of renting a car in Miami when you are traveling, so in this article we will show you why it is an excellent option to do so and what are the requirements you need once you take the decision.

We start with the benefits of making this choice; of course the budget is what worries us the most, that is why it is at the top of the list.


Renting a car in Miami is good for the wallet

Perhaps the best kept secret among many travelers is how inexpensive it is to rent a car in Miami.

Due to the popularity of this service among tourists and residents, there has been a reduction in car rental prices in the city. To this must be added that the value of the fuel is also quite low, so an excellent option when making an online reservation is to include a full – empty gas tank, as this service gives you the right to return the car with the tank completely empty once the rental period ends.

That said, making use of a private car is a great tool to reduce costs and more if you travel accompanied, since the distribution of expenses generates a less impact on the pocket and has a more positive result for all parties involved.

Improving mobility allows you to learn more

Let’s face it, if you are traveling it is because you plan to KNOW, and thinking about that, there are car rental companies in Miami like Budget , which have benefits in which they offer vehicles with unlimited kilometers; This means that you can travel the distance you want in the rented car, without generating an additional cost, but in a comfortable, safe and economical way.


You can have multiple options in cars and insurance

The great thing about being in a place like Miami is that the options are almost limitless. If you are over 25 years old , you can have at your disposal the category of vehicle you want according to the need you have, such as: compact, sedan, luxury, vans, minivans, SUV, convertibles and many more. It is quite common to find people who directly target the high-end, in an attempt to look ostentatious and fulfill their dream of driving a car in the best Fast and Furious style for a relatively lower cost; If you are one of them, we remind you that you must meet some requirements for the use of this type of cart.

After being clear about the vehicle you want to rent, we recommend that you have the insurance that will cover you and the rented car in some type of incident or accident. For this, there are two essentials that reduce the expenses that may be generated when incurring an accident, which we will mention below.

First is the LDW / PDW, Loss Damage Waiver or Partial Damage Waiver , respectively, which covers damage due to loss or theft to the rental car, significantly reducing expenses. The foregoing applies as long as the vehicle is being used properly, otherwise it will have no effect.

The second is the Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), which covers medical expenses (due to physical damage) of third parties not involved in your rental and of another type (due to material damage), arising from of an accident with the rental car. Practically, act like a superhero protecting you from possible repercussions that others may have against you

These are the two most recommended, since by having them you can be calm while you are making (responsible) use of your rental car in Miami.

Note: There are also some agencies that offer the option of having basic roadside assistance, which covers in case the car suffers a mechanical failure or in case you need a tow truck (you can improve this assistance directly at the counter).

Take notes


Now that we have seen some of the benefits of renting a car in Miami, you should know what you need to do so, so write down and prepare them :

You must meet the statutory age which, for most companies, is 25 years old. It is necessary to clarify that, if you are between 21 and 24 years old, you can rent cars only of certain categories by paying an additional extra for “young driver”.

It is necessary to have a credit card with your name engraved on it to pick up the vehicle at the rental office. With it, you will cover the guarantee deposit (This value will be blocked on the credit card and will be reimbursed if you deliver the car in the same conditions as it was delivered to you).

You must also have your passport and bring it along with the valid driver’s license, issued in your country of origin and in Latin alphabet. If it does not comply with the last, you must add the international driving license. Likewise, you may need this document if you are going to visit a state where it is essential to present it.

Tickets for both outbound and return (or transfer to your next destination), either by plane or by boat, depending on how you plan to enter the country.

As you can see, the requirements are nothing to write home about. You only have to take them into account when making the rental at the office and thus avoid inconveniences such as having to make a new reservation or, in the worst case, that you cannot take any car with you.

And, if you compare what it takes to collect and take all these documents to the rental office , with the benefits of renting a car in Miami, you will realize that it is much more what you earn and that than in In this article we only name three of them among many more. After all, saving, being able to allocate time, knowing more, and driving a great car are things that attract the attention of anyone planning to visit America’s Magic City.