Bhutan, a very unique kingdom

The small mountainous nation of Bhutan located in South Asia in the eastern stretch of the Himalayas, is one of the most isolated countries on the planet. So much so that in many regions of the country tourism is limited and restricted by the government through the only existing state agency, Bhutan Tourism Corporation. An agency in charge of supervising the number of annual visitors, the various routes and accommodations, and even the duration of the trip. All this in order to keep its local culture intact.

All these centuries of isolation that the country has experienced, as well as its almost inaccessible geography or its small population, are factors that have allowed the country to have one of the most intact ecosystems on the face of the earth. Around 550 species of plants, 165 species of animals among which are some that are in danger of extinction (the red panda, the golden langur or the snow leopard) and forests that cover 65% of the country’s surface. are some of the things that have made up to 20% of its surface protected.

To travel to this land of the thunder dragon, which is what its name means, it is necessary to first obtain the special permit from the Bhutanese Ministry of Tourism. In addition, an itinerary to follow is provided in advance, and it is required to stay in the country at least five days. In addition to this, it is mandatory to pay fees of more than 200 euros per day, in which practically everything would already be included (food, room, transport, etc.).

It seems that this kingdom nestled in the Himalayan mountains is opening up more and more to the world every day. Which would make it easier to travel to the country. If you dare, you should also know that the best time to travel there is between the months of September and November. And something very important if you are a smoker, smoking is illegal in any public place in the country. It is possible that this is a good destination for those who do not know how to quit this bad habit.