Manafiafy Lodge and its luxury bungalows

A new luxury resort has just opened its doors on the southeast coast of Madagascar . Manafiafy Lodge has become a dream paradise where observing nature is one of the activities that must be done. The name of the resort is named after the little town in which it is located; Manafiafy . This is one of the first fishing villages in which the Portuguese who arrived in the area settled in 1613.

The " natural " construction is made up of six bungalows that are located a few meters from the forest and the bay. Manafiafy Lodge is very respectful with nature and is powered by solar energy, in addition, each of the houses have been built with local materials such as wood, stone and Ravinala straw.

You can hire different activities right there, with which you will not stop for a moment: excursion to the coastal jungle to see lemurs, bird watching in the mangroves and whale watching. Each of the houses has a large private terrace with a small porch decorated with hammocks from which you can see the sunset over the bay.

Due to the recent opening of the small complex, different offers are being made for all those who want to take a trip to the area. The price for 5 nights, all inclusive (meals, airplanes and transfers) is around £ 2,400 . The place is managed by the Englishman Edward Tucker Brown, who was the creator of the first campsite that was opened in the area.