Casa Batlló ’10D Experience’: a journey to the mind of Gaudí

Since last May 14, a unique experience can be lived at Casa Batlló , since after five months closed it has returned in a big way, presenting the first “10D Experience” in the world, a product classified as immersive that reinvents the museum visit.

It is a journey through the mind of a genius like Antoni Gaudí, who is undoubtedly the greatest representative of Catalan modernism. The renowned architect was able to leave us an incredible legacy, with authentic works of art such as the Sagrada Familia, which is one of the most visited monuments in Spain for reasons that are obvious.

2,000 m² unpublished

If Casa Batlló was already spectacular in itself, now it is even more so thanks to the 2,000 m² dedicated to the new “10D Experience”, where artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality share space to impress attendees.

The cultural proposal is the most avant-garde and creative, since it uses binaural sound, motion sensors, impossible volumetric projections and unique immersive spaces with which indifference has no place.

In the only living house that allows you to travel to the mind of Gaudí, you can discover what inspired his work. Casa Batlló, one of the most emblematic of all, is completely uncovered during the immersive journey that begins in the initial immersive room, where you can "attend" the first connection that was created between Gaudí and nature. On the other hand, there is also a final immersive room in which the footprint that Gaudí left is collected, being able to enter his mind and see reality with his eyes thanks to artificial intelligence.

Gaudí Dôme

The director Miguel Alonso has been in charge of shaping Gaudí Dôme, an immersive room that allows us to know the beginnings of the genius, what surrounded him during his childhood and what inspired him to become one of the best architects of his time. For this, not only are there more than 1,000 screens that quickly capture the attention of visitors, but it also has 21 audio channels whose objective is none other than to reproduce the sounds of nature. In addition, we must also talk about 38 projectors that are responsible for giving life to the volumetric projections that I mentioned earlier.

"The inspiration of genius", which is what Miguel Alonso’s creation is called to bring us closer to Gaudí, is located in the old Carboneras of the building. There begins a show of sensations and audiovisual expressions that is difficult to forget.

Gaudi Cube

The other space that should be highlighted is the Gaudí Cube, the work of Refik Anadol. In this case we must speak of «In the mind of Gaudí», which is how this work has been baptized, which uses the benefits of the first six-sided LED cube, a unique technological jewel in the world that allows us to speak of a 100% enveloping space.

With this, what is sought is to enter Gaudí’s mind and see reality with his eyes, interpret forms and structures of nature with the same ease that he did. To achieve this, technology has not been the only key piece, but other aspects have also come into play, such as the one proposed during the first phase of the project: creating the world’s largest digital library on Gaudí. With this research work in which many hours were invested, added to artificial intelligence, we can say that Casa Batlló has millions of data, photos, files, videos, 3D models, original manuscripts and drawings related to Gaudí.

Highly advanced machine learning processors have come into play to decipher construction patterns, biomimetic structures, and the design logic that is so difficult to appreciate without the help of machine learning.

More news

At Casa Batlló, the news does not end there, since they have developed a new script that is available in 15 languages ​​and also a soundtrack by the composer Dani Howard that has been performed, under the direction of Pablo Urbina, by the Philharmonic Berlin, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

As for the tour of the house, the visit is now more personalized because an algorithm is capable of detecting the rhythm of the person wearing the headphones to make the content adapt to it.

There are also magic pictures on the walls. Why do we say they are magical? Well, because they seem to come to life when visitors approach, something that is possible thanks to the micro sensors that are hidden in the profile of the paintings and that activate the cinematographic productions, which, as you can imagine, focus on the history of the house and the family past.

We also highlight, and this already at an architectural level, the new vertical communication nucleus that has been carried out by the well-known Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, while the lighting has been a matter of Mario Nanni. Visitors will also see a new floating polished marble staircase that weighs no more and no less than 13 tons, in this case bearing the seal of ‘Ancient & Modern Chesneys Architectural’, an English studio specializing in this type of design.

‘Simbòlic’ is another important novelty at Casa Batlló that is also worth mentioning for what it adds to the experience. It is a new store that has direct access from the street and has been designed by interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. In the store we can find a selection of objects that are inspired by the design principles of Antoni Gaudí. They are objects for being innovative and artisans at the same time.

Tickets for «10D Experience»

Live a new unforgettable immersive experience at Casa Batlló taking advantage of the current promotion for residents of Spain. There is a 2 × 1 with limited tickets until June 30, so it is a very good opportunity to discover more about the life of Gaudí at a very affordable price.