Cheap plans for the weekend

After spending all week working, what many of us want to do during the weekend is not lie on the sofa watching the typical movies on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but escape from the routine and have fun to be able to face the following week with a good dose of optimism . However, because of the crisis, most of us cannot afford to go out as much as we would like.

Fortunately, there are some inexpensive plans that we can use to spend a fun weekend away from home. We explain some of them below!

Book a flight in advance

If you search well in advance you will find flights to European cities for really low prices. Find out which low cost company offers attractive destinations departing from your city. Then book a double room for a short stay without any extra: you will minimize expenses.


Go for a walk!

Surely near your house you will find ideal places to breathe, walk and enjoy the landscapes, whether in the forest, the beach, the mountains, the countryside or, of course, the city. In this way you will reduce stress and daily monotony. You may find a small hotel or a country house that is well priced and you can spend the night out. In addition, surely there is a park in or near your city that you have not been to yet and that is worth visiting.

Visit museums

How about soaking up a little culture? Many museums and monuments are free at some time of the week, of the month, or at certain times of the day. The best thing is that you access their website and inform yourself well of all the details that may interest you.