Tips to avoid Jet Lag

Have you organized a trip to the other side of the world? Well, if you have everything ready, now is the time to think about the dreaded Jet Lag , which could spoil some days of that vacation that you deserve so much.

Jet Lag is a term in English that refers to an alteration of the biological rhythms of our body, produced when we travel long distances through different time zones, from east to west, or from west to east. Extreme fatigue, indigestion and intestinal problems, loss of appetite, concentration and memory problems or a general feeling of not feeling well are some of the symptoms of the so-called jet lag disease. Here are a few tips so you can avoid it.


First of all, we recommend that days before your trip you go to bed earlier than usual if you fly east or stay up late if you travel west. In addition, it is important that you travel cool and relaxed, having had enough sleep.


During flight

Before and during the flight it is better not to drink coffee to stay hydrated and rest better on arrival. It is best to drink plenty of water and avoid juices, sodas, or alcohol. On the other hand, we recommend that you sleep on the plane. To fall asleep, get yourself a good pillow, ear plugs and, if necessary, take an infusion of natural herbs.

In the destiny

When you arrive at your destination, try to spend some time outdoors with natural light. You can go for a walk or take a bath if you have a pool nearby. It is best to stay awake during the day and restore the balance of your biological clock. What we do not recommend is that you take a nap; try to go to sleep only when it’s dark.

When it’s time to go to sleep, make sure the room temperature and light are adjusted properly. The ideal would be to maintain a temperature of about 20 degrees, avoiding excessive changes and air conditioning. In the same way, you must disconnect the electronic devices . When you wake up, the best thing to do is eat a hearty, protein-rich breakfast to give yourself enough energy to keep your body fit and awake.