The most hated travel companions of the Spanish

At this point in June you will surely have your vacations organized, which you hope will be unique and unrepeatable. Of course, unless you travel alone, an option to take into account, it is most likely that you disagree or have friction with your travel companions. And it is that agreeing on where to eat, what to visit or how to organize the time is not easy.

The Uniplaces portal, specialized in student accommodation, has conducted a survey of more than 2,800 young people in Spain about which travelers we want to avoid. Do you want to discover what kind of travelers we Spaniards hate? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below! Surely you feel identified!

Travelers who do not take into account the customs of the place

Apparently, 44% of those surveyed have stated that they do not want to travel with people who do not take into account the customs of the place and, of course, who have no interest in the culture of the country, something that we understand perfectly, since one of the advantages of traveling is being able to discover other cultures and customs.


Inflexible people

We Spaniards do not tolerate inflexible people either, that is, those authoritarian travelers who decide everything to do. Logically, most of us like to travel with open and permissive people, who make both the planning of the trip and the course of it much more pleasant.

Sun addicts

One of the main goals of many people while on vacation is to get super tanned skin. If you are one of them, you should know that many people will not want to have you as a travel companion. And is that many of those surveyed have stated that they do not like to go on vacation with people who just want to go sunbathing.

Compulsive drivers

Also very hated are the fellow travelers that Uniplaces has described as "compulsive drivers". And, although it is important to plan your trips, you don’t have to control everything either. In fact, sometimes one of the best things we can do is improvise.

People little interested in trying the local gastronomy

Travelers who aren’t interested in trying local food are also not well-liked. Yes, we already know that sometimes it can be a little "scary", but if we get carried away we can try exquisite foods. By the way, if you are one of those interested in gastronomic tourism, you should not forget that Huelva is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2017.


Party people without limits

Many respondents have assured that they do not like to travel with people who are only interested in partying. Keep in mind that although many destinations are known for their nightlife, they also have other things to offer, such as Ibiza.

Social media addicts

Today there are many addicts to social networks, which is accentuated during the holidays, and not only because they have free time, but because they have interesting places to show their followers. However, the people who keep updating social networks during their travels are not among the favorite companions.

Lazy travelers

Of course, there are many respondents who have stated that they cannot bear traveling with lazy people, that is, those travelers who almost never feel like doing anything, especially if it involves some effort.


Little party people

Finally, we want to comment that little party people are also among the most hated travel companions. Of course, these are less detested than inveterate partiers.

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