Destinations in Tenerife that are World Heritage Sites

The Canary Islands is one of the destinations within Spain, and also worldwide, that offers the most possibilities for tourism and to explore all its corners. There are many routes that are organized in the archipelago and even within each island. On this occasion, we are going to focus on visiting areas that are declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Tenerife .


Within Tenerife, one of the must-sees is the Teide National Park, where the highest peak in Spain is located and the third highest volcano in the world with an altitude of 3,718 meters.

The park encompasses the entire mountain, which is usually the most visited, but we must not forget that there is much more. And it is that you must also make an interior tour of the crater inside which there is a caldera of 19 kilometers in diameter, although this crater, in reality, is what remains of a mountain that was larger and whose top flew three million years ago. years falling in on itself. Thus were walls that rise 457 meters above the crater floor.

In this tour it is observed as a kind of lunar landscape , characterized by being arid. And, from the top of the National Park, there are magnificent views of the Las Cañadas wall, Pico Viejo (volcano attached to Teide) and the Canary Islands, although the latter view depends on the weather.

During the visit, you can see the El Portillo Visitor Center with its small museum with interactive exhibits about how volcanoes are formed and what a crater looks like inside. Nor should you miss the botanical garden or the curious geological formations that are in the surroundings or the lava field that is full of plant and animal life.

The lagoon

Within Tenerife, you must also visit San Cristóbal de La Laguna , which is another of the places declared a World Heritage Site. Reasons are not lacking. This colonial city -is known as La Laguna-, stands out for its grid design and for its architectural jewels such as the cathedral, Renaissance and neoclassical churches or the mansions built during the 17th and 18th centuries.