Ice hotels to sleep differently

When you travel, not only can you have different experiences depending on the route or itinerary followed at the destination point. The accommodations also allow you to enjoy unique and somewhat different days. And within them are the ice hotels . A proposal that started timidly, but has been gaining followers and there are already several countries that include this type of establishment in their accommodation with which they manage to attract more tourists due to the curiosity they arouse. The options are diverse , but here we are going to focus on the most striking or perhaps surprising abroad and that can be enjoyed during the winter.


One of the ice hotels abroad that is closest to Spain is known as Blacksheep Village Igloo La Plagne, which is located in France and, specifically, near the slopes of La Plagne.

This hotel is ideal for those who want to sleep in the mountains and are also ski lovers. But it is also for those who simply want to enjoy spectacular views because you can see Mont Blanc and Peisey-Vallandry. From its location, it is recommended to head towards the Bellecôte Glacier and the Bellecôte Mountain to see excellent snowy landscapes.

The offer of this hotel includes sleeping in an ice cave or in the so-called hot igloos, which have wood stoves.



Another destination is the Snow Hotel, which is in Finland. It is one of the most striking establishments due to its construction , since it has a structure sculpted in ice and the interior temperature that is reached does not exceed five degrees below zero.

This means that you have to sleep inside a thermal bag in order to be able to spend the whole night inside, enduring the temperatures and on a bed, which is covered with thick and robust fur .

Another striking aspect of this hotel is its ice chapel . A particularity for which many couples choose it to marry because, in addition, it offers a wide schedule of activities, including the Northern Lights wake-up service or taking a relaxing bath in the snow hydromassage bathtubs.


Sweden is another country that is home to ice hotels. In this case, we have to talk about Icehotel , which is located near the Nutti Sámi Siida cultural park, known for its reindeer .

This hotel is one of the most popular in the world because it is entirely made of ice, which requires that it be rebuilt every year so that it is in perfect condition for winter . This particularity means that the interior temperature does not exceed five degrees below zero , being one of the lowest in this type of establishment.

Guests have to sleep in a sleeping bag , which in turn is placed on a bed covered in animal skins. Inside the rooms, there is a private sauna , while the cabins have a kitchen and living room. In addition, the hotel offers various services such as a sauna or an ice bath .


And finally, there is the Saint-Gabriel-De-Valcartier hotel , which is located in Québec . It should be noted that this establishment is the only ice hotel in North America , apart from having become one of the most curious in Canada.

Among its main characteristics is the fact that it has a chapel with capacity to house 70 people, apart from having three themed ice bars and a complete indoor water park that is air-conditioned . There are also four restaurants .

This hotel still has a lower temperature inside than the previous ones. Specifically, it is usually about three degrees Celsius . However, you can warm up in the sauna , which is located outdoors, or in the spa . The hotel also stands out for its themed suites in which the lighting and ice sculptures attract attention.