Three towns to get lost in the Algarve

On more than one occasion, we have talked about the Algarve because it is an area that is visited by many tourists every year and because of the possibilities it offers both on the beach and in the interior . And, this time, we are going to focus on three towns that are well worth a visit and spend at least one weekend to disconnect and enjoy.


This town is located on the slopes of the Sierra de Monchique and is surrounded by orange trees and vineyards . For centuries, it was a town that became a nerve center of the Arab kingdom and which attracted many princes. A magical halo that remains, like its mystery.

In addition to walking through its streets formed by small and whitewashed houses , you should not miss the castle , which is also one of the most important monuments in the Algarve. In it, you have to admire the Islamic military architecture.


This town, located near Faro, is another of the towns that you should not miss on your route through the Algarve. In it, for example, the Municipal Market stands out, which is a Moorish-inspired construction, reminiscent of a mosque, dating from 1908 and in which the reddish minarets stand out.

Nor should you miss visiting the castle and the medieval streets that surround it and that lead to a church, convent and gardens. A must stop is the Café Calcinha , which is part of the Cafes with History of Portugal due to its links with writers and thinkers .


And, finally, we close this route in Alcoutim, which is an ideal destination for people who want to do hiking or activities in nature . The town and the area are surrounded by numerous species of flora and fauna , many of which are in danger of extinction. It also has an ichthyofauna that is unique in Europe.

Of course, you can do water activities in the river such as kayaking or boat trips and visit the village made up of small white houses with blue or yellow doors and its winding streets that lead to its 8th century castle .