Fly, the strangest geyser in the world

Geyser Fly Nevada
Our planet is full of incredible places (colored mountains, suspended rocks hundreds of meters away, colored rivers…) and, as you know, at Vuela Viajes we love to show them to you. Today, for example, we move to Nevada, United States, where the Fly Geyser is located.

As with Darvaza’s Gate to Hell, this geyser did not form completely naturally. Still, it is worth seeing even once in a lifetime. Do you want to know how it was formed? We will explain it to you below!

Strange and colorful shapes

It all started in 1916, when some wells were drilled with the aim of finding water to be able to water livestock and irrigate crops. However, when drilling they found an aquifer at more than 200 degrees Celsius, something very common in the region. The hole was plugged, but in the mid-1960s some prospects were carried out in search of geothermal energy and, then, a geyser began to flow: the liquefied minerals were accumulating creating the most strange and colorful shapes.

Geyser Fly Nevada1

A little known tourist attraction

Today, the so-called Fly Geyser is home to an enormous biodiversity, with hundreds of species of birds, plants and different lakes. Unfortunately the geyser does not have an entrance open to the public, since it belongs to a private stretch called "Fly Ranch", although on second thought, it is a way to keep it intact.

The funny thing is that it is a little-known tourist attraction even in its own state. Of course, anyone who knows of its existence does not hesitate to approach the ranch, which is surrounded by fences. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you can see some beautiful images of the Fly geyser. Do not miss it!