Genalguacil: a town with many attractions that you have to know

Today we are going to continue our route through another of the towns that is part of the list of the most beautiful in Spain in 2021 . You have to head to the South of Spain until you reach Malaga . In this province, there is Genalguacil , a very characteristic and peculiar town with many corners to explore that do not leave you indifferent.

What to see

Genalguacil, which is known as “the vizier’s gardens ”, stands out for being located in a tiered area in which it has grown and maintained its history and the legacy of its Arab founders .

Surrounded by chestnut trees, holm oaks and cork oaks, in the heart of the Genal Valley , it has a historic center that is well worth visiting to see the whitewashed low houses and the parish church of San Pedro de Verona , which has an octagonal tower from the 18th century of academic and classicist baroque style with touches of Mudejar style.

It is not the only charm. This town is also characterized by turning its streets throughout the year into an authentic museum of contemporary art , being able to see the more than 120 works that are exhibited, in addition to those that already houses the Museum of Contemporary Art.

A commitment to art, which has made Genalguacil known to many people as the “ museum town ”, since it is not usual for the streets to become art galleries .

Art and culture are also present in other aspects of the life of this Malaga municipality thanks to the handicrafts that are produced and the use of cork as one of the main materials. A product that shares the limelight with the olive rods with which creations are also made.


The entire visit to this municipality is completed with its gastronomy. Among the most typical dishes are tomato soups and hot gazpacho , which can be tried in any of the establishments in this town.