Ikea Hotels

No, we do not mean that there is a hotel completely decorated with Ikea furniture (which surely there is), but rather the new project of the Swedish company that now intends to gain a foothold in the world of hospitality. His project focuses on nothing more and nothing less on the opening of a minimum of 100 hotels in Europe.

Those in charge of the project have already commented that the search for specific places has already been carried out throughout Europe. Apparently in the next few days the specific places where we can enjoy these Ikea hotels will be made public. The assumptions are already the order of the day, for that reason, some media have dared to affirm that places like Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Holland and the Baltic countries, will be the first to have these new hotels.

The construction of the hotels will be financed by income from the Ikea brand, which the company recently valued at 9 million euros, but will not carry the company’s logo and will be organized by a hotel management company. The hotels will not be decorated with their own furniture either . The investment that the company is expected to make will be more than one million dollars, although exact figures have not yet been provided.

What they have explained is that they are going to worry more about eliminating everything that is unnecessary for travelers in order to make the experience more interesting. For example, the important thing will be the breakfast but not the restaurant. They will have high-speed Internet and an efficient reception where you will not have to do any other procedures when you finish your stay .