Isla Mágica Theme Park in Seville

The Isla Mágica Theme Park is in Seville and is inspired by the discovery of America. Opened in 1997, it has several attractions, theme areas, restaurants, and shops. This 2012 marks the 15th anniversary, for which new attractions are inaugurated and several films are recovered for broadcast at the different attractions.

It consists of 8 themed areas , each of them with various attractions and entertainment venues. Take note of the details of each one:

Seville, Puerto de Indias : it is an area that represents the port of Seville from the 16th century and in which you will be able to see funny and picaresque characters. Among its attractions are “La Travesía” (a boat route through the park’s lake), the “Magic Carousel” and “The Challenge”. It also has 4 restaurants and 2 shops.

El Balcón de Andalucía : it is a viewpoint from which you can see a model that reproduces the main monuments of Andalusia. A couple of years ago it was no longer open to the public and you can only access with a concerted visit.

Mundo Maya : here you can find buildings, pyramids, volcanoes and everything related to the Mayan world. It used to be called Quetzal, but last year its name was changed. Among its attractions, "The temple of terror" or "Ciklon". It has a bar with sandwiches and snacks, as well as a store with items from the Mayan culture.

Puerta de América : in this area is the "Fort of San Felipe", which is a place where you can eat while enjoying musical shows. It is one of the most complete areas thanks to its 5 attractions, 4 games, 6 restaurants and 3 shops.

Amazonia : it has a lot of vegetation and there are many wooden huts that simulate an indigenous village. There are 4 attractions, a restaurant and 3 shops.

La Guarida de los Piratas : the refuge of all the pirates of Isla Mágica and which simulates being a town where a frigate docked. It has an attraction, 2 games, 4 restaurants and a store.

The Fountain of Youth : the favorite area of ​​the little ones thanks to the fact that there are many things for them, such as puppet theaters, waterfalls, lakes … All its attractions are for children and it also has a restaurant and a shop.

El Dorado : it is one of the most complete areas and has some of the most famous attractions. It has a Cinema-Simulator that has a hemispherical screen of 600 square meters on which various films are projected.