4 places you cannot miss if you decide to travel to Menorca

Despite the fact that Menorca is a small island, it is full of beautiful and interesting places to visit. In addition, Menorcan gastronomy can delight even the most delicious palates.

Would you like to discover some of the best places to visit on a trip to Menorca? In that case, do not forget to take note of those that we propose below.

1. Mahón, the capital of Menorca

Mahón offers many activities for visitors, especially in summer. But if you can also plan your trip to coincide with the patron saint festivities , which are in early September, you can enjoy a wonderful show of live music, horses and fireworks.

If this is not possible, you do not have to worry, since Mahón is a fantastic place throughout the year to take a good walk and enjoy its atmosphere while admiring the colorful buildings along the way. Another option is to seek out street art or enjoy your culinary options.

It should be noted that one of the best-known condiments in the world has its origin in this city of Menorca. It is the mayonnaise sauce, which owes its name precisely to the island of Mahón.

2. Isla del Lazareto, a place full of history

Thanks to the boat rental in Menorca it is possible to depart from the port of Mahón to Lazareto Island; a small island with a very dark history , since it was a quarantine place for people with yellow fever, leprosy and other terrible diseases during the 19th century.

But all that is part of the past, since today the only thing there are views that no one visiting Menorca should miss.


3. The always calm Cavalleria Beach

If you talk about Menorca, it is mandatory to mention its virgin sand coast . For people who like to enjoy the sun but calmly, Cavalleria Beach is undoubtedly an ideal place since there is nothing overcrowded.

It is a natural beach on the north coast of Menorca and can only be reached on foot, since it is approximately 10 minutes from the closest free parking. It does not have bars, shops or restaurants, which is why it is important to carry provisions.

4. Binidali, a place that seems from another time

Binidali is another beach that you cannot miss. It is filled with crystal clear aquamarine waters. At the same time that you are isolated, you can approach a bar that has really spectacular views over the rock.

This is a small and quiet beach, but with an atmosphere like no other. In case you are looking for a totally virgin territory in which the footprint of the human being is not noticeable, you should not hesitate to look at Cala Biniparratx , on the east coast. In this place there is a limestone gorge with a sandy flat at the end, within a protected cove.