Lake Doirani in Macedonia

I love nature tourism , well I actually love all kinds of tourism. Being able to discover a lot of cities, towns and places seems fantastic to me, although unfortunately it is impossible to always visit everything we want unless we win a good lottery and we only dedicate ourselves to traveling. I also like to watch a travel channel that I have on TV to bring you fantastic destinations, and this one that I bring today is one of my latest discoveries.

It is about Lake Doirani , which is in Kilkis , a small town in northern Macedonia that offers all its visitors a lot of natural options to be able to walk and enjoy spectacular landscapes. It is very similar to the Greek islands and in fact it is very close to Thessaloniki, which you can reach in a short time either by sea or by land. This lake is one of the most important natural beauties in the country and every year attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Its main characteristic is that its water is salty since it communicates with the sea , although if for some reason it stops receiving water from the sea, it is also connected to several underground rivers, so it is an authentic wonder that you will be able to see in very few places. You can spend a few hours on the shores of the lake just to enjoy the views or you can visit nearby places such as the Krousi贸n and Paico mountains, visit the spectacular natural waterfalls of Skra or visit the Great Cave of Kilkis.

In the vicinity of Lake Doirani there are also the Evropo sites, the ruins of the castle of Pali贸 Ginekokastro , the castle of Skra or the castle of Koljida, all of them very important in the history of the country and in which there remain tombs from the fourth century and some remains of what was its population during the 6th century, which makes them fantastic places to discover a little of the history of this civilization.