Molinaseca, a medieval town with a rich gastronomy

Within the tour of the most beautiful towns in Spain, today we stop in León to get to know Molinaseca . A small municipality, which is located in the Bierzo region and which is located a few kilometers from Ponferrada. This Bercian town is characterized by its medieval essence for which it is well worth a visit, which can be accompanied by a rich gastronomy.

What to see

Molinaseca has an attractive popular architecture in which you can see corridors , flown galleries made of chestnut wood, covered with slate or the exterior stairs to access the houses. An environment in which it is also possible to observe houses with mansions with ashlar façades and noble coats of arms.

Apart from walking these streets, the town has other attractions and points of tourist interest. Among them, the sanctuary of Las Angustias stands out , dating from the 18th century, which was founded on a chapel from the 11th century .

The parish church of La Magdalena is also worth a visit, where the baroque factory altarpiece should not be missed, as well as the temple of San Nicolás de Bari , dating from 1134.

They are attractions of this town that can be known during a getaway or on a tour of León or doing the Camino de Santiago . And it is that its streets accompany many pilgrims, especially the Calle Real and the Puente de los Peregrinos or Roman bridge, which follows the route to the Crucero del Santo Cristo .


The visit to Molinaseca, regardless of whether or not you are a pilgrim, must be accompanied by its typical dishes. Bercian gastronomy allows you to taste typical products such as conference pear , chestnuts and roasted peppers .

And, of course, you cannot miss the botillo , which is a typical and highly valued dish that is made with different parts of the pig and is accompanied by cachelos , cabbage or chickpeas .