Proposals to travel to the most curious Malta

Malta is a very tourist destination. The normal thing is to visit a week, time that is enough to visit the best known and see its main attractions . However, this island offers many more possibilities that, in general, are more unknown or secret. They are curiosities that make up a route to discover a country in a different way. This is the different proposal to visit Malta.


In Malta there are also elements that were built to ward off evil and even the devil. Specifically, they are the watches that are very popular and that, precisely, are known for their power to scare the devil.

When visiting Malta, it should be noted that each church has two clocks and that, in addition, they mark two different times. This is explained because there is a story behind this event that is related to the devil. The key is that one of the clocks shows the correct time , while the other indicates an incorrect time. This is done to confuse the devil and thus ensure the celebration of religious services.

Related to luck, there is another curiosity. In this case, we must talk about the Luzzu , the typical Maltese boats that are recognized by their striking colors. In these boats, which can be seen very well with the fishing port of Marsaxlokk, there are always the eyes of Osiris on each side of the prows . The reason is that, according to the Phoenicians, they help to drive away evil spirits , apart from ensuring a good job of the fishermen.



Within the history of Malta there are facts that cannot be forgotten and that are part of these curiosities. One of them is a bomb that failed to detonate. Malta experienced its most critical period in the spring and summer of 1942 with the bombings of World War II .

April 9 is the date marked because a projectile fell into the Rotunda of Mosta while mass was being celebrated with the attendance of around 300 parishioners. However, it did not detonate , saving everyone’s lives. As a result of this fact, in the sacristy of the church, a replica of the bomb is preserved.


Malta will also go down in history as a very cinematic island. Popularly known as the Hollywood of the Mediterranean, it has been filmed several movies like ‘Troy’, ‘Gladiator’ World War Z ‘and’ The Count of Monte Cristo ‘. It has also been the scene of series such as ‘Game of Thrones’.

Anglo-Saxon culture

Malta was a British colony until 1964. And, despite the fact that years have passed, the Anglo-Saxon culture is still perceived. For example, on the island you drive on the right side . But that is not all. There you can also see the characteristic red telephone booths that transport London.


Malta has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, being able to enjoy authentic jewels such as the only work signed by the Italian Caravaggio , which is in the Co-Cathedral of San Juan, in Valletta. Specifically, it is the painting ‘ La Decapitación de San Juan ‘, dating from 1607. It is also the largest work by this author.


And, of course, we cannot leave the route through Malta without referring to its gastronomy. Inside it, its salty cake or pastizzi stands out , which is typical of the local cuisine .

This cake is characterized by being different puff pastry from others that can be found. The first difference, as the name suggests, is that it is salty . In addition, the filling is also different. Inside it is common to see that it is filled with meat, spinach, ricotta cheese or pea puree.