Prevent theft during the holidays

Today summer begins and soon millions of people will go on vacation to escape from work or studies to which they dedicate all their time for the rest of the year. The bad thing about this time of year is that it is also when the most robberies occur, both in homes and in vacation places, so you have to have the issue under control so that you do not get upset and take your belongings.

Today I would like to give you a few tips to avoid theft during the holidays , specifically to avoid them in your vacation place. Take note:

– Thieves pay a lot of attention to tourists to steal from them, so avoid looking like one and not attract too much attention. They always go to tourists since they tend to be the ones who carry the most money, so try to bring little just in case.

– If you carry a backpack, be careful with all its pockets and with losing sight of it. Carry it forward if you can and never keep important or valuable things in easily accessible pockets. Money, documentation and valuables always in inner pockets so that they cannot be accessed, or at least not without you noticing.

– We all love to carry the hanging camera to immortalize any corner, but it is not recommended to do so since it is a good claim for any thief, especially if it is a good camera. Never lose sight of her for a second.

– If you are going to stop to use your mobile, always do it leaning against a wall. This is recommended because while we use the mobile we get distracted from other things and it is easier for them to give a tug on the bag or backpack, while on the wall it is more difficult for them to do it.

– Bring the right money and keep the rest in the hotel safe. The same for credit cards, take one at most and leave the others saved. If for anything you are going to carry a lot of cash with you, do not carry everything in the same place. Buy yourself a belt from those interiors that have a pocket to store money and leave only a little in your wallet, so if it is stolen you will not lose everything.

– You cannot use the back pockets of your pants to carry your wallet or loose money, that is the easiest place for a thief to rob you. Also, when you pay, keep everything on the site and never open the wallet in the middle of the street as they will see where exactly you keep it.

– Before your trip, make a copy of all your documentation to be able to resort to it in case your wallet with the originals is stolen.

– Be careful with people who approach you with any excuse such as asking for the time, a cigarette, fire or an indication. Thieves often do it to entertain you while someone else opens your backpack or purse and robs you.