Get married in New York

Get married-in-new-york
When a person decides to get married, they always want it to be something special since it is a day that they will remember all their life. There are many couples who decide to do something really special that they both feel like, even if they cannot count on their family and friends for that day. Something that has become fashionable in recent years is getting married in New York , something that any couple can do regardless of their place of origin.

The demand for weddings in New York is growing significantly in recent months thanks to the fact that same-sex couples are already allowed to marry in New York State, so getting married in “The City” has become a dream of millions of people around the world. It sounds crazy but if you like this city, what better way than to get married there and stay on a honeymoon? It will undoubtedly be unforgettable and very special.

The first thing you have to do is get a marriage license at Clerk’s Office, it costs about 25 dollars and they will ask you for a few information about your life as if you have already been married, if you are divorced, etc. Once the license is obtained, it is valid for 60 days and when 24 hours have passed you can go to a Civil Registry Office to get married or reserve a date to do it (you have to go with a witness who is over 18 years old and has the documentation in order).

If you want to get married in a place other than the Civil Registry, it will require more procedures since you will have to request permission, find out if there is availability and find someone who can officiate the ceremony within the state of New York. Everything is explained on the City Clerk’s Office website, which is where you manage licenses, and in fact there are some requests that can be made online.