Route through the Jewish Avila

Ávila is one of the cities in Spain that has the most history. Its streets are impregnated with the essence, culture and traditions of the different peoples who have lived in it as Christians, Muslims and Jews. Precisely, in the legacy of the latter, we are going to stop on this tour to get to know the Jewish Avila .


One of the main attractions of this route is the Jewish quarter and its synagogues , which were mainly located on the current Calle Reyes Católicos . It is a road where the main ones were, such as the Belforad synagogue , from the 16th century, and on which the chapel of Our Lady of the Snows was built.

In the house of Rabbi is today the hostelry La Sinagoga, which have to observe the big house with multiple Hebraic references and the fragment of a Star of David and the cross engraved on one of the doorposts, I symbol It was used by Christians to avoid trouble in controversial times.


In the course you can not miss the tanneries of San Segundo, which reflect the activity of the industry leather and textiles. It is an artisanal area that is uncovered on the right bank of the Adaja river.

This complex was in operation during the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries and remains and details such as the jars , sinks or the pavement of the rooms are preserved, among many others that are being valued.

Jewish cementary

The route also takes us to the Jewish cemetery on the grounds of the Monastery of the Incarnation , according to the written documents that place them in this area, which indicate the purchase of an Ossario de Judíos by Doña Beatriz Guiera in which a convent was built. . Not to be missed is the Star of David, which is engraved on one of the doors of the royal palace of this monastery.

Inn of the Star

The Posada de la Estrella is an old mansion , which is located in front of the stairs of San Juan Bautista and had Hebrew owners. The view has to pay special attention to his patio and the capital with the Jewish roelas .