The Enchanted City of Tamajón in Guadalajara

Enchanted City of Tamajon Guadalajara
It is very good to know important monuments and natural environments of other countries, but what we like the most in Vuela Viajes is to discover some of the most amazing corners of our territory. Thus, if the other day we were moving to Toledo to discover the Caves of Hercules, today we want to travel to Guadalajara, where the beautiful Enchanted City of Tamajón is located , an incredible natural area formed by calcareous rocks that have been taking karst reliefs with the passage of time. centuries due to the action of water and wind.

Located in a juniper forest near the town of Tamajón where junipers and holm oaks abound, this fascinating place has been included in the National Inventory of Outstanding Landscapes of the Ministry of Agriculture. Don’t you think it’s worth a visit? Well join us!

Rock formations

If junipers, junipers and holm oaks already form a beautiful landscape by themselves, imagine if we add to these trees some rock formations that we can consider as authentic natural sculptures . And that for thousands of years, the wind and the water have modified these calcareous stones to turn the place into a place full of caves, arches, arched sinkholes, rocky bridges and all kinds of formations that seem magical. Hence, the place has acquired the name of "Enchanted City". But not only are its shapes surprising, since you will also be amazed by the variety of colors and textures, especially the mixture of cream tones with blacks.

Enchanted City of Tamajon Guadalajara1

The Hermitage of the Virgen de los Enebros

To get to this place, it is best to park in the town of Tamajón and take the road that leads to the Pantano del Vado, a place that is also worth visiting. It is not surprising that during the tour you meet some of the animals that populate the area, such as roe deer, wild boar, or royal owls. The Enchanted City is located just before reaching the Hermitage of the Virgen de los Enebrales, also known as La Serrrana . It is a 16th century construction that was pontified and expanded two centuries later in the Renaissance style. We must emphasize that on the second Sunday of September a pilgrimage is held in honor of the virgin in which the virgin is accompanied from Tamajón to the sanctuary. Without a doubt, we recommend that you take advantage of your visit to these rock formations to go to the hermitage, since in addition to being a charming place, it is shrouded in legends. For example, it was said that the doors of this place must always be open to be able to give help to walkers and pilgrims. Of course, there is a fence that protects the church. Curiously, behind this religious building the landscape changes, with slate being the main stone.

Enchanted City of Tamajon Guadalajara2

Villages Black Architecture

Tamajón belongs to the so-called Pueblos de la Arquitectura Negra de Guadalajara, an impressive complex located in the northwestern highlands of the province, just between Somosierra and the Sierra de Ayllón. It is a place of great ethnographic, landscape and architectural value that is characterized by the use of black slate on the roofs and on the walls of the houses. Logically, this blackboard is extracted from the environment. As you may have imagined, it is due to the blackish color that this natural material provides that this area of ​​Guadalajara has adopted this name. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will discover more images of the Enchanted City of Tamajón. Do not miss it!