See the pandas of China

Panda bear
One of the jewels that should be visited when one takes a trip to China is the panda bears. Yes, you read it right. These loving little animals are highly protected in the country and every tourist who crosses its borders should try to visit a reserve to spend a dream day. China is very concerned about its protection as it is an endangered species. Today we tell you a curious news that will interest you whether you go to the country as a tourist or not.

The fact is that two of the main reserves in the country have decided to put cameras on some of their most famous residents. The video images will be sent live to the whole world. The main idea of ​​this project is to raise global awareness of the need to improve conditions for these animals . The cameras will allow everyone to see pandas from the two Chinese reserves in high definition.

Li Desheng, a doctor specialist at the Giant Panda Research Center, explained that using cameras to share these magnificent creatures with everyone in their homeland will remind people of the great responsibility we all have to the world we share. . In one of the centers, five young pandas-cubs will be followed daily, while in the other two adult pandas will be seen.

"Big Brother Panda" can be seen on the Web A Reuters article reported that the World Wildlife Fund surveyed only 1,600 pandas in the wild in 2004.