Singapore and its maritime development

In a report published in November 2008, the World Bank chose Singapore as an example of successful urban development. The bank highlighted some of the key factors that have allowed this small island-country to move from its industrial origins to a modern, liveable city. Two of the factors to make this choice are the following: planning with the necessary dose of flexibility that prevails in the country, and political continuity. This last factor is very good for a country if the government knows what it is doing.

In addition, last year was the best so far for maritime traffic in the country. The Singapore Superyacht Association (SSA) initiated a study in which a count was made of all vessels that had arrived in the country. According to the data in 2008, 54 ships arrived at the port, as opposed to the 28 that arrived in 2007 and the 18 in 2006.

The government has thought about creating a “ Superyacht ” center in order to increase this traffic and that the country can be visited by exclusive travelers who arrive at the city’s port with their own yachts. In the country you can already enjoy the impressive Royal Yacht Club and the Raffles Marina Club . The latter has received worldwide recognition for its elegance and charm.

But the country has new projects like the Marina Club in Sentosa Cove . These are new installations that have cost more than 5 million dollars. Here you will find a high-end resort that includes within its facilities the first casino in Singapore, single-family houses with boat docks, a golf course and a luxury hotel .