Summer vacation to get cold

cold summer vacation1
If you are one of those who, like me, that heat and summer does not suit you, today I propose a different vacation with destinations where, despite being in August, you will find low temperatures that will make you believe that you are in full swing winter . A different way of thinking about the destinations of your next vacation, which you can spend with a hat and scarf even if your calendar does not “send” it that way.


Norway is a good destination to travel during the summer since it is not as cold as in winter but, nevertheless, the temperatures are mild and can even drop a lot in certain areas. If you want to enjoy its spectacular natural landscapes without being suffocated all day, point this destination for your summer vacations.


In summer, the days in Iceland never seem to end and you can experience the beauty of the northern lights with perfect temperatures so that nothing, nothing, heat, with maximums of 15 degrees and minimums that can reach zero degrees in glacial areas.

cold summer vacation2


While in Spain we are hot, in Argentina they enjoy the cold of their winter. Therefore, if you want to escape the suffocating temperatures of your city, nothing better than choosing this destination. And if you want to be cold, but really cold, you will have to visit Patagonia and reach the southernmost city on the planet, the end of the world in Ushuaia . Bundle up well and take advantage of these freezing degrees.


And if you do not want to leave Spain, you are fully into the month of August and you can not stand the heat anymore, we recommend a trip to the Picos de Europa, where you will find temperatures that will not exceed 22 degrees and you can do some very nice excursions in this natural environment close to the clouds.