The best beaches to go with dogs

beach dog
Pet friendly tourism , which welcomes you to go on vacation with your pets, has been experiencing a considerable boom in recent years. There are still problems staying in many hotels that do not accept dogs, cats or other types of pets, but in general we could say that the mentality of the owners is beginning to change.

Also in some municipalities that have decided not to put barriers to dogs on their beaches . That they can run, jump and wallow in the sand is a reward for them, especially if the day of leisure ends in a well-deserved bath on the shore.

Below I will tell you about some beaches where you can spend hours and hours with your dog without being fined or attracting attention for it.

Aldea de San Nicolás beach in Gran Canaria

It is a beach of stones, caves and small coves that your pet will appreciate. The landscape is practically unspoiled and rarely crowded. The water is usually very good, but you have to be careful with the strong waves and the wind that blows through those parts.

dog on the beach

Oyambre beach in San Vicente de la Barquera

It is another pet friendly beach, in this case located in Cantabria, in the Oyambre Natural Park itself . It measures just over two kilometers and is right next to the mouth of the Ría de la Rabia. The only separation is a dune field that your dog can explore tirelessly. The sand is fine and the waves are usually moderate.

Punta del Riu Sec beach in El Campello

Some residents of El Campello, in the province of Alicante, protested when last year it became a pet friendly beach. It is located next to the mouth of the Río Seco , right in the middle of two beaches: Carrerlamar and Muchavista. It is not a very large beach, but it is easily accessible and very central. In addition to dogs, it is common to see surfers there taking advantage of the waves of the Mediterranean.

Platja de la Rubina in Empuriabrava

This beach located in the province of Girona is a real discovery that has been working like a charm for several years. It is of fine sand and moderate waves. Dogs can enjoy it and the environment is very pleasant for their owners. And as if that weren’t enough, next door there is a campsite (Castell Mar) where pets are more than welcome.

beach dog 2

Bon Caponet beach in L’Ametlla de Mar

A sign located at one of the access points makes it clear that it is a beach suitable for dogs, which means that Catalan citizens of the province of Tarragona also have the opportunity to enjoy the beach with their pet. There are no time restrictions and the shore is fantastic for dogs, since the beaches of this province are shallow in their first meters.

Castro Urdiales beaches

In this Cantabrian city there are several pet friendly options. Dogs are allowed on Arcisero beach, Muelle Oriñón and Cargadero de Mioño beach. You can swim without a leash surrounded by a fantastic landscape and fairly clean waters. The only problem is that they tend to be quite cold, like almost all those in northern Spain.