Surf in Brazil’s Praia Brava

If there is a destination where you can find countless beaches "of all colors", it is Brazil , where you will find the perfect one, whatever you are looking for. If you want a quiet beach to enjoy with the family, you will find it. If you want a charming cove to enjoy as a couple, you will find it. If you want a beach where you can surf for hours on the best waves, you will also find it.

Beaches immersed in a spectacular natural landscape and with a perfect climate to be able to enjoy them practically any day of the year. If you like surfing and you are going to travel to Brazil, I would like to recommend Praia Brava. It is a beach that is in the southern part of the country, in the state of Santa Catarina, and that is one of the most famous in the country for surfers thanks to its great waves. Specifically, it is in the municipality of Florianópolis .

Although in Praia Brava you can practice many sports and activities, especially water sports, the truth is that surfing is the king sport thanks to the waves with an average height that exceeds 2 meters throughout the year. This beach is considered one of the cradles of surfing in Brazil and it is there where the best national and international surfers meet to be able to practice with the best conditions.

As if that weren’t enough with its wonderful surfing conditions, Praia Brava is located behind a hill, so the views it offers are truly spectacular. In addition, from there you can also do paragliding flights. If you are passionate about surfing, there is no doubt that you should visit this beach at least once in your life.