Surfing in Tarifa

Tarifa , in the province of Cádiz , is a very peculiar city where you will find a lot of history and tradition, as well as wonderful beaches where you can spend a few days off. It is between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is also known as "the city between two seas", being the perfect place for surfing . Every year thousands of tourists visit it, especially to be able to practice this sport.

In addition, other sports such as windsurfing also find their ideal setting here since it is a city where it is usually very windy, especially in the coastal area and during the summer. Virgin beaches , natural parks and a really beautiful environment make Tarifa a city that you have to visit at least once in your life, and many more if you are also a surf lover.

Two of the beaches of Tarifa stand out. One of them is Playa de los Lances, which is on the Atlantic side of the coast and is a very long beach where you will always see many kites flying. It is one of the best places to surf. The other most notable is Playa Chica, a small beach that is more protected from the wind so it is not one of the best options for surfing.

Surf in Tarifa

The best beaches for surfing in this area are the ones you find between Tarifa and Cádiz. In El Balneario , which is to the west of the port of Tarifa, there is a lot of waves and it is a perfect beach for surfing, although there are some rocks so you have to be careful. Very interesting also El Búnker (there are also rocks), El Lugar Secreto (there are very good waves and the conditions for surfing are perfect, but also be careful with the rocks) or Yerbabuena (it is once you pass Barbate and it is one of the best of area.