The 10 tallest mountains in the world

Mount Everest
Climbing fan? If the answer is yes, you probably know the 10 highest mountains in the world perfectly. They are all located in Asia , concentrated in the Himalayan and Karakorum mountain ranges. In fact, the only ones that exceed 7,000 meters are there. The highest mountain in Europe (Monte Elbrús) measures 5,652 meters and the highest in America (Aconcagua) measures 6,960 meters.

1- Everest

It is in the Himalayas, between China and Nepal. It measures 8,848 meters above sea level and owes its name to the Royal Geographical Society, which in 1865 listened to a British surveyor from India named Andrew Waugh who decided to name it after his predecessor, Sir George Everest.

2- K2

It belongs to the Karakorum mountain range and is between Pakistan, India and China. It is 8,611 meters high and is said to be the most difficult to climb along with Annapurna and Nanga Parbat. It is said that it is a wild mountain and it is the second that has taken more life among those known as "eight thousand", only surpassed by Annapurna. For every four people who have reached the top, one has died trying.


3- Kanchenjunga

Its name means "The five treasures of the snows." It measures 8,586 meters and is in the Himalayas, in Nepal. Its parent mountain is Mount Everest.

4- Lhotse

It is another mountain that belongs to the Himalayas. It has a height of 8,516 meters and is between China and Nepal. Its name means "South Peak" in Tibetan. On May 20, 2011, a Russian climber who had not even reached the age of 18 reached its peak, which is undoubtedly quite a feat.

5- Makalu

In the Himalayas there is also the fifth highest mountain in the world. It measures 8,463 meters and belongs to both China and Nepal. It is a peak that draws a lot of attention because of its quasi-pyramidal shape. Makalu means "Black Mountain".


6- Cho Oyu

Also in the Himalayas is Cho Oyu, between China and Nepal. In this case we must speak of 8,201 meters of altitude and a name that means "Turquoise Goddess". It is the easiest "eight thousand" to climb, which is why it is very popular with people who are not experts in climbing.

7- Dhaulagiri

In the Himalayas, this 8,167-meter -high mountain rises, which was climbed for the first time in 1960. Its name means "Beautiful Mountain", something that those who have dared to reach its top have been able to see from very close. It belongs to Nepal.

8- Manaslu

This mountain is also Nepalese, which occupies the eighth position in the ranking of highest mountains on the planet. It is 8,156 meters high and belongs to the Himalayas. Its name means "Mountain of Spirits" and it must be said that it was ascended for the first time in 1956.


9- Nanga Parbat

In Pakistan there is the ninth highest mountain. It is 8,125 meters high and we find it in the Karakorum mountain range. It came to be named "The Killer Mountain" for the first expedition that managed to reach the summit in 1953, since it had claimed many victims. Until February 2016 it had not been climbed in winter, since the weather conditions are very adverse. That means that the only mountain that has not yet been climbed at that time of year is K2.

10- Annapurna

There is no mountaineer who does not respect Annapurna, which is the tenth highest mountain on Earth with its 8,091 meters of altitude. Her name means "Goddess of crops" or "Goddess of abundance." However, it is best known for its loss ratio, which is slightly below 40%. It is estimated that for every two climbers who successfully go up and down it, a third dies trying.