The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Japan

Kyoto bamboo forest
We are going to end the week getting to know one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. For this we have to move a few kilometers from Kyoto , Japan, an important city that one day became the capital of the country. Although it stands out for being a cultural city, with numerous museums and cultural centers, here you can also visit palaces, temples and gardens. And it is that it is one of the cities that have been best preserved in the Country of the Rising Sun.

Today we want to stop at one of the most visited tourist spots in the area. We are referring to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest , a beautiful place where bamboo makes its way through the undergrowth creating an enchanting landscape of light and shadow. Do you want to know more about this beautiful Japanese corner? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below!

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Japan

As we told you, very close to Kyoto, specifically in the city of Kamakura, we find the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, which is not only one of the main tourist destinations in the area, but is also one of the most visited places in all of Japan. . And the truth is that it is not surprising, because walking through this beautiful forest is something that is not forgotten in life.

Kyoto bamboo forest1

The forest

This spectacular Japanese forest is home to more than 50 varieties of bamboo. The most surprising thing is that some of the logs are more than 20 meters high. Within the forest you can find different hiking trails where you can enjoy the different effects that lights and colors have on the environment depending on the time of day. Interestingly, the Arashyaima Forest became quite a popular destination from the 9th to the 12th century. Of course, it was a place reserved for the high Japanese aristocracy . Fortunately, today everyone can visit this place. Of course, as bamboo is a very invasive species, much emphasis is placed on controlling the expansion of the forest.

Kyoto2 bamboo forest

In any season and at any time

Although the route through this forest will seem incredible to you at any time of the year, during spring and autumn the landscape is even more beautiful. And all thanks to the beautiful colors that this station always provides to natural spaces. The walk through this forest is worthwhile at any time of the day, including the night, since the trails are illuminated . Of course, the ideal is to be able to visit it in the morning, since the tall bamboos and the rays of the sun cause a really beautiful play of light and shadow. Of course, you will also love walking the trails at night, as the forest takes on an atmosphere of unreality. Furthermore, we cannot forget the swaying of the logs, which produces an intoxicating whisper. As you can imagine, a walk through this place can be the most calming.

Kyoto bamboo forest3

Other activities in the environment

Beyond the forest, you should know that in the environment it is possible to visit some temples. One of the most visited is Tebryu ji. In addition, in the area you will find cafes and shops where you can stop along the way. Also in the surroundings you can find different workshops where artisans make different objects: glasses, baskets, chopsticks … Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of the Kyoto Bamboo Forest. Do not miss it!