The Arch of Titus in Rome

This week I was in Rome , and the thing is that a few days ago I saw a movie that had this city as a setting and there are so many wonders that it has that it is inevitable not to start writing. The so-called "eternal city" has so many places of interest that I could spend weeks talking only about it, but for now with today I will finish my "special".

And to finish it I would like to talk about the Arch of Titus , one of the two remaining arches in the Roman Forum and which was built to commemorate the conquest of Jerusalem by the Jews. It is an architectural marvel that is 15 meters high and is the oldest example of a semicircular arch in the world. It is similar to the Arc de Triomphe but saving the distances, of course.

Inside it has two panels with reliefs. One of them shows us the triumphal procession with the remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem and the other shows Titus (one of the most important men in the history of the city) in a chariot and with the company of the goddess Roma and the goddess Victory. In the 11th century the arch became part of a fortress and it was not until 1821 that it was restored and two more sides were built.

Titus was a Roman emperor who was in power from 79 to 81, which was when he died. He was the second emperor of the Flavian dynasty, which was the dynasty that ruled the Roman Empire between the years 69 and 96 and that had, in addition to his reign, that of his father and that of his brother Domitian, who was the member of the family that was reigning the longest (15 years). According to many historians, Tito was poisoned by his brother in order to take over the reign, although there are also those who maintain that he died of natural causes.