The Bavarian National Park, a wonderful natural site

The Bavarian National Park is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Germany and is located in the south of the country. It is one of the oldest of all those in Europe and the oldest in Germany, having already reached 40 years of age. This impressive place is about 160 km from Salzburg, Linz and Munich, while cities such as the Czech capital, Prague, or the German Nuremberg are about 220 km. A distance that is worth it since there are few natural places of this magnitude. Its original name is Bavarian Forest National Park .

Spectacular landscapes that you can explore while you get to know the Protected Forest of Bavaria , the Bohemian Forest and the Natural Area of ​​Mount Lusen , all of them close to the Sumava National Park in the Czech Republic and that between both reserves add up to no less than 100,000 hectares of spectacular areas greens and natural landscapes. You can carry out a multitude of activities such as hiking, cycling routes and observing various animal species such as bears, wolves and lynxes, all from a safe place that will not put your health at risk.

In the Bavarian National Park you can find many species of flora, especially several protected biotopes. Orchids and arnicas flourish in much of the place. Among the routes you can do, there are several designed to be done on foot or by bicycle, and in the winter months you can practice cross-country skiing and there is even an area prepared for climbing up to 12 meters. There are many trails that have closed access since in case of rain, wind or snow there is a risk of landslides in some of the areas, so as there is no security in the Park, these areas are always closed.