The beautiful Sierra de la Demanda in Burgos

Sierra de la Demanda Burgos
After visiting one of the main tourist attractions in Morocco, the Marrakech Souk, today we return to Spain to introduce you to one of the most beautiful natural corners of the country. Specifically, we are located in the area of ​​Burgos, La Rioja and Soria, where the Sierra de la Demanda is located , a set of landscapes that includes lush pine forests and samples of the historical heritage of the area, as well as numerous villages of enormous attractive.

Do you want to know more about this mountain range located in the north of Spain ? Well, do not miss anything that we tell you below! I assure you that you are going to love it!


Located in the extreme northwestern part of the Iberian System, the Sierra de la Demanda is very close to the Cantabrian Mountains . It is the wettest mountain range in the entire System, in contrast to the dry lands that can be found in the Burgos moorland and in the Duero and Ebro valleys. the hand of man in the nineteenth century. Therefore, they are ideal currents for fishing.

Sierra de la Demanda Burgos1


Thanks to the rainfall, the vegetation is rich and varied, being able to find fertile fields in the bottoms of the valleys; holm oaks and oaks in the low, dry and rocky areas; and shrubs resistant to low temperatures in the highest areas. You can also see beech forests in shady areas and a very extensive juniper in the south-western area. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the Sierra de la Demanda is an area of ​​intense reforestation, especially of pines.


Of course, animals are also abundant, with wild boars, deer, roe deer and foxes being very common. Other species present in the area are genets, badgers, marten, weasels, wildcats, otters, dormouse, woodcocks, red partridge, gray partridge, and Iberian wolf. As in many other areas of Spain, the varied and rich presence of birds stands out, being able to find large birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon or the golden eagle. In fact, several areas have been declared an Area of ​​Special Interest for Birds (ZEPA).

Sierra de la Demanda Burgos2

Historical heritage

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Sierra de la Demanda also stands out for its historical heritage . And it is that the humans who have lived here for centuries have known how to respect the environment, leaving us a lot of remains and towns full of art, traditions and history. The Romanesque porticoes of Vizcaíno, Jaramillo de la Fuente and Pineda de la Sierra, the medieval necropolis of Cuyacabras, Cueva Andrés, Revenga and La Cerca; the ironworks of Barbadillo de Herreros, the Huerta de Abajo and the different groups of popular architecture.

Festivals and gastronomy

In the Sierra de la Demanda a lot of traditions and popular festivals survive. Some of the most important are the Canto de las Marzas, the Carnival Rooster, the Feast of the Chiefs or the Slaughter. And how could it be otherwise, the gastronomy of the area also stands out. Beef, sausages, blood sausage, cured cheese or rosemary and thyme honey are some of the most typical foods, although you will also enjoy pickled meats, lamb, kid, mushrooms, legumes, pastries artisanal and local wine.

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