The best activities you can do in Madeira

Madeira is an island that offers many possibilities for tourism. From touring its different municipalities to enjoying the beach or its nature . These are some options to which are added the endless activities that it is possible to carry out in it and that allow you to live a different experience of this island in the Atlantic Ocean, especially if you are a lover of water and the sea.


Madeira is also known as the Hawaii of the Atlantic for the possibilities it offers to carry out activities and sports at sea and, in addition, to carry out these practices throughout the year.

Among them, there is surfing , since in its waters there are excellent waves of all kinds, ranging from point breaks to reef breaks, among others. In areas such as the coasts of Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Porto da Cruz and São Vicente it is possible to enjoy challenging waves.

Other sports options are bodyboarding , which can be practiced along the entire coast of Madeira, as well as Stand Up Paddle, which is also a sports activity that, apart from being ideal to do with the family, allows you to live an experience different nautical activities when enjoying the natural landscapes of the island.

To these practices are added others that, perhaps, are less well known such as coasteering , which consists of a modality that combines abseiling with climbing and jumps into the sea and is ideal for discovering the cliffs over the bays, caves and corners. that hides the island. A good option is to practice this discipline in the São Lourenço Natural Reserve.

Of course, you cannot miss diving to discover the natural reserves and observe cnidarians such as anemones, black corals and various species of fish such as grouper, moray eels, mantas, sea lions and even seals that are among the rarest in the world. Among the best areas for diving are Caniço, Garajau, Machico, Caniçal and Santa Cruz.

And do not forget to observe the cetaceans , being able to find species of dolphins such as the painted, bottlenose, pilot whale or sperm whale, among others. Nor should you leave Madeira without going fishing , especially for its tunas, or taking boat trips to see marine species and enjoy the wonderful landscapes.