The best airports in the world in 2014

the best airports in the world1
One of the most important parts of any trip is the stay at the airport, since, like it or not, we usually spend a good part of the time there. Therefore, it is important that it meets the expected conditions. So if you are one of those who when deciding the details of a flight you also look at the destination airport, you will be interested in knowing the results of the World Airport 2014 awards, announced this week in Barcelona.

These are the most prestigious awards in the airport industry, based on customer feedback in a large annual survey. The most important thing is that the preparation of the survey is independent , with no apparent influence from airports or airlines. Do you want to discover which are the best airports in the world in 2014? Well, watch out!


In the first place we find Changi, the international airport of Singapore. For the second consecutive year and the fifth time in total, this airport has been chosen in the first position because it is more than a sum of terminals and runways. In fact, its managers talking about a travel experience in itself, being the most innovative and surprising.

the best airports in the world
Inaugurated in 1981, it has been the most voted in the leisure and free time activities section, and it is not surprising, because it has a cinema, a multimedia center and a children’s playground, as well as dozens of other attractions that relieve the wait. One of the last is the Social Tree , built with high definition screens, where travelers can send their photos and videos, which serve to animate the structure.

The rest of the winners

They follow Singapore airport, Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea), Munich Airport (Germany), Hong Kong International Airport (China), Amsterdam Shciphol Airport (Holland), Tokyo International Airport (Japan), Beijing Capital International Airport (China), Zurich Airport (Switzerland), Vancouver International Airport (Canada) and London Heathrow Airport (England).