The best coffee shops in Amsterdam

One of the most attractive European cities is Amsterdam , which every year manages to make thousands of tourists fall in love thanks to places such as its canals, its Red Light District, its museums or the famous Coffee Shops. The latter are perhaps the most popular places since marijuana or hashish can be legally consumed there, although curiously, normal tobacco cannot be consumed in them. A good indicator of its success is the large number that are throughout the city and that there are about 120.

The Coffee Shops are a kind of very intimate bar-restaurant where you can have a good time and have a drink. If you are going to travel to the Dutch capital and you want to visit these places, take note of the best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam (or at least the most popular):

Wynand Fockink : this is an old 17th century mansion that was totally renovated to make it one of the most popular places in the city to have a drink, smoke marijuana or meet friends. There are all kinds of drinks and also culinary specialties such as a round meat croquette or Gouda cheese in mustard. It is at Pilsteeg 31, between Warmoesstraat and Oudezijds.

In ‘t Aepjen : it is located in a 16th century house, in which are the oldest wooden houses in the city. They have propped up many parts with stone to make it of better quality and renew its appearance. It is also a good place to see art as there are several Rembrandt reproductions, as well as many contemporary paintings. It is on Zeedijk 1, opposite the Central Station.

Café Alto : here you can enjoy jazz performances that are wonderful and that start every day at 10pm. They also have a great variety of drinks, including the most traditional beers not only from Holland but also from the rest of Europe. It is at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115, right next to Leidsepleinjazz.