Tips for "green" tourists

The trend of ‘ eco-tourism ‘, or traveling in a way that enjoys the natural environment and the local population, has caused some people to not know very well where they can travel. Many tourists believe that this type of trip can only be done in places like Costa Rica where they can save sea turtles, to be classified as ecological tourists . That’s not true.

Many people decide to take vacations close to home to relax and disconnect from the stress of everyday life, and they can worry in the same way about the environment in that place so close as in the other part of the world. Ecotourism has to do with the protection of the environment and the culture of the places one visits. This can be achieved in many ways such as:

– Before going on a trip
• Turn off or unplug all appliances in your home.
• Lower the temperature of the water heaters and thermostat.
• Close the water faucet

– While traveling
• Use e-tickets for everything you can
• Opt for a hybrid car rental
• Choose an ecological hotel or hostel

– At your destination
• Tell the hotel staff that it is not necessary to change the bed every day.
• Reuse of plastic cups in hotel rooms
• When leaving the room, turn off all lights and appliances
• Take short showers and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
• Use public transportation or walk