The best photos of the Mediterranean

For centuries, the Mediterranean Sea has witnessed history, but now it is also considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world, being able to find wonders such as Sardinia, Tunisia, Sicily, Genoa, Athens, Menorca, Ibiza … National Geographic is very aware of the beauty of this enormous body of water, so earlier this summer it convened, together with Larios 12, “Rincones del Mediterráneo”, a contest to find the best snapshots of the Mediterranean and of any of the countries that have access to this sea.

Now, National Geographic has announced the winner and finalists of the contest. Would you like to discover the best photos of the Mediterranean that the magazine has chosen? Well, you just have to join us!

Donkey-taxi in Crete

The winning photograph of the contest is “Donkey-taxi in Crete”, an image taken by David González Márquez, who explained that the donkey served as a taxi for tourists. At that time they had him tied to an umbrella to rest, so he took the opportunity to take the photo.

Mataró in San Jordi

One of the finalist photographs is “Mataró en San Jordi” which, as the title indicates, was taken in Mataró, Barcelona, ​​during the Sant Jordi night, one of the most special nights for Catalans. The photo was taken by Mireia Canicio, who used a Nikon DS3 camera. It is important to note that he did not need a flash , since the fire was responsible for lighting the photo.

Octopuses hanging out in Santorini

This photo was taken in August 2015 on the island of Santorini. According to the author, Ariane Contini, they came across this scene when they were looking for a restaurant to eat and went down to the port of Oia.

A beacon of stars

The image you can see on these lines corresponds to the famous Cabo de Palos lighthouse, which is located between La Manga del Mar Menor and the city of Cartagena. According to Miguel Ángel de Haro, the author, it is a long exposure night photo to be able to trace the stars in the sky.

A traditional sport

Taken in Canet de Berenguer, Valencia, this photograph shows one of the typical Valencian sports, which consists of one or more horses moving certain amounts of weight in carts, accompanied by their caretakers. It is a tradition that dates back to the 40s. The author of the image is Arturo de las Liras.

Heading to infinity

Work by Eden Exposito, "Rumbo al infinito" stands out for its beauty in the exhibition of the shot.

Hands up

hands up
"Hands up" is a photograph that is not what it seems. The lady who appears is nothing more than a drawing on the wall. Without a doubt, the black and white shot accentuates the beauty of the photo. The author is Loreto Hernández.

Mediterranean splashes

Alicia Martín has managed to capture with this photo what the Mediterranean means to many, that is, fun , affection, complicity, dynamism …

Mediterranean horizon

Finally, in this image we can see the Mediterranean in its purest form. The blue of that sea that unites multiple cultures stands out . Its author is Beatriz Fernández.