The best theme parks in Orlando

When you think of the US state of Florida , the first thing that comes to mind is Miami, its most famous city, but the truth is that there are others that are also spectacular and worth visiting for various reasons. One of them is Orlando , the second best-known and most famous city in the world because Disneyworld is there. In any case, this park is not the only thing you can find, although it is clear that it is the most interesting and its visit is a must no matter how old you are.

It is clear that the most striking are its parks, whether amusement or theme parks, but you can also enjoy practicing some water sport thanks to the more than 300 places where you can surf, fish, row, dive … There are also more of 100 golf courses in which tournaments of all levels and very interesting museums are held to discover part of the history not only of the city but of the state and the country. Anyway, as I have said, its amusement parks are the most striking and in them you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Disney world

It does not matter if you do not have children, if you go alone or in company or if you are a man or a woman. You have to visit the magical world of Disney at least once in your life, and if it can be several, much better. It occupies an area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers and there are 4 theme parks , more than 30 hotels, golf courses and water parks. In each of the parks there are different shows and attractions to delight any visitor. A magical world in which to return to your childhood for a few hours.


It is a theme park dedicated to the marine world and in which you can not only see a great variety of aquatic species but also enjoy many shows, such as those of orcas or dolphins. There is a tunnel that you will go through while above your head you see a lot of sharks. It is really interesting, especially if you like animals.

Discovery Cove

It is very close to the previous one and it is also for marine animals. The most remarkable thing, apart from its beauty, is that you can swim with dolphins . Tickets to bathe with the dolphins are bought by phone, so if you plan the trip keep that in mind since you will not be able to buy them there.

Universal studios

For movie lovers it is a true paradise. You will be able to see shows based on films such as "Jaws", "Terminator", "Twister" or "Earthquake", as well as see exact reproductions of various movie sets that have left their mark, such as the "Back to the Future" saga. It is divided into several areas.

Island of adventure

Like the previous one and almost all parks, it is divided into several areas where you can find different attractions within the same theme. Here there are water parks or attractions like getting into a volcanic eruption. A park for adventurers and not suitable for cowards.