The most unpleasant airports in Europe

According to a survey, Paris Charles de Gaulle , the second busiest airport in Europe, is the most unpleasant in the region, while Copenhagen airport is listed as the most pleasant. A survey published by the travel website Skyscanner shows that the Paris CDG, which hosts more than 60 million passengers a year, is the airport least appreciated by most travelers.

The score obtained by the airport has been 4.86 points out of ten. The study ranks airports according to the friendliness of their staff. The experience of using this airport is described by travelers as something similar to the treatment given to cattle being driven to market. The complaints are very varied: endless queues, poor treatment by security personnel, very abrupt responses, etc. Copenhagen Airport, with a total of 22.7 million passengers in 2011, received a score of 7.08 out of ten, thus becoming the most pleasant airport in all of Europe.

Copenhagen is followed by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (6.92), which served around 49 million passengers in 2011. At all airports, gate security personnel, as well as those in restaurants and shops are considered the more pleasant, while the registration staff appears below all of them. Skyscanner surveyed 500 passengers who have traveled in the last 12 months asking them to rate European airports based on the friendliness of their staff. The most unpleasant in Europe are:

1. Paris CDG 4.86
2. Moscow 5.03
3. Istanbul 5.91
4. London-Heathrow 5.94
5. Madrid 6.01

The most pleasant in Europe are:
1. Copenhagen 7.08
2. Amsterdam 6.92
3. Stockholm 6.68
4. Barcelona, ​​6.46
5. Frankfurt 6.21